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Recent Publications

"More Stories About Boys," "As Above, So Below," and "Never Just Game Time," Hubris, March 2024

“On a Curved Surface, Lines Do Not Converge” The Lakeshore Review forthcoming 

“From Anchor Point to Anchor Point” Sheila Na Gig Online, Fall 2023 

“Kayaking” Closed Eye Open, Maya’s Micros Feature, July 2023

“Scenic Overlook” and “Responding to the Halloween Sermon” Compass Rose, Summer 2023

“Unfettered Weather” Fine Lines, 2023

“Grandmother Remembers a Distant Summer” Change Seven 

Sociable Telephone: A Game for the Smart SetSky Island Journal

“Candles” Wild Roof Journal

“Phoebe Snow" North American Review, Fall 2022

"Bird Watching" Black Fox Literary Magazine, Winter 2022

“Practice” and "Rabbit" Black Fox Literary Magazine, Winter 2022  

“Another Step” Fine Lines, Autumn 2022. 

“February Love Song” Fine Lines, Winter 2022. 

“Neighborly.” Fine Lines, Spring 2023

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