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Bone Willows

Praise for Bone Willows

“James Engelhardt’s outstanding first collection explores the tensions as well as the wonderment of a family adjusting to life in the Far North. As seasons shift and the deep cold moves in, the details of change are observed with grace and precision. These poems work together beautifully, offering the reader a striking picture of a harsh and fascinating land.”

“James Engelhardt has written a spectacular book of poetry set in Alaska where he tries ‘to root if I can . . . In this place of extremes, poems push against barriers—between lovers, ‘the exquisite earth’ and its ice, forest and mountain, to unfold wings and survive winter. . . Buy this wise book, read it, and travel.”
—Hilda Raz, author of TRANS and WHAT HAPPENS

Cover of Bone Willows by James Engelhardt. A lonely cabin above a river with smoke rising from the chimney. The title is in red in the the white smoke.
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